Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need more than one estimate?

No. According to Idaho Motorists’ Bill of Rights, you do not need to acquire more than one estimate, unless your policy states otherwise. If the liable insurance company is one of our partners, they will require only our estimate and photos.  Some insurance companies send their own adjuster to write an estimate. In this case, you will provide that estimate to Majestic, before we can begin repairs. If you have selected Majestic, just notify the insurance carrier, and leave the negotiations up to our experienced staff.

Do I have the right to select the shop that will repair my vehicle?

Yes. Many times it will expedite your claim if you select the repair shop, leave your automobile there, and notify your insurance company.

Must I notify my insurance company before repairs?

Yes. Insurance policies require that you contact your agent or the insurance company to report your accident and let them know where the vehicle will be for repairs.

Who pays the repair bill?

You must take the initiative to arrange for payment. Communication between the shop and the insurance company begins with you. From there, the shop can negotiate payment on any additional charges that may arise throughout the repair.

Who is responsible for the repairs?

The shop. That is why it is imperative that you select a shop that is capable of doing the kind of quality work that will return your automobile to pre-accident condition.

If there is a problem with the repairs, whom should I contact?

The shop management should be given the first opportunity to address your concerns. If your problem is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may contact your insurance agent or claims file handler.  Other resources include the Idaho Consumer Affairs, Inc., the Attorney General’s Consumer Division, or the Better Business Bureau.

I've had an accident. How do I start the claims process?

You begin the claims process by contacting the responsible insurance company to report the accident.  If you are at fault, you are termed the insured and will need to contact your own insurance carrier.  If you are not at fault, you are the claimant and will need to make a claim against the liable insurance company. Your file handler will assign a claim number, which you should retain for your records and to assist Majestic in processing your claim.

Do I need an insurance check before I make an appointment for repairs?

If your insurance company is one of our partners, we will directly bill them at the completion of the job, with your signature of permission. If the liable insurance company is not one of our partners, you may request that the insurance check be mailed directly to Majestic to alleviate any delay. However, payment is not required until the completion of the job, which will probably allow time for you to receive the check.

Should my vehicle be driven after an accident?

This is determined by the extent of the damage. If the lights, tires, or suspension have been compromised, you may drive it directly to the shop and leave it until repairs are completed, or you can request towing from the scene of the accident. In nearly every case, any necessary towing will be paid as part of the insurance settlement. If you are unsure of drivability, please feel free to call Majestic for an educated opinion.

Will my parts be ordered before I drop off my car for repairs?

Generally, if the damages seem to be visible to your estimator, the parts are ordered prior to your arrival.  However, if there seems to be hidden damage, then your parts will be ordered once the vehicle is dismantled and a more accurate parts list can be determined.

How can I get a rental car while repairs are under way?

Your insurance file handler will need to be notified that you will require a rental car for the time that your repairs are being done. Rental car arrangements are most generally made by the liable insurance company and not by the shop. If you are the policyholder, you will need to ask your agent whether or not you have rental coverage. Once the rental reservation is set up, you can come directly to Majestic and we will call your rental provider to arrange for you to be picked up. You will need a current drivers license and a valid credit card to complete the rental process.

How long will my repairs take?

Most generally, your estimator will be able to approximate the days of repair, according to the amount of damage to your vehicle.

How will I know when my repairs are complete?

One of our staff members will call you, when your car is repaired. Be sure and leave valid phone numbers and contact information.

Do I have to pay my deductible?

Yes. It is mandated by your insurance policy that you pay your deductible to the body shop at the completion of your repairs. If someone else is responsible for the damage to your car, and their insurance has claimed responsibility, then you will not have a deductible. 

Is there a warranty on the repairs done by Majestic?

You will be presented with a written lifetime warranty on all repairs at the completion of the work, along with a complete invoice showing all parts and labor that Majestic Auto Body put into your repairs.

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