Majestic Auto Body has installed glass for our customers for 22 years. We are proud to announce a new business relationship with Glass Tech, owned and run by Jack Smith for over 20 years. Our combined experience and training offers our customers the finest in glass installation and glass chip repair.

Our mission is to provide unparalleled service to all of our customers, whether they are commercial, fleet, or individual owners, just like you. We want you to know that we use the finest quality of replacement glass available and the best installation techniques and materials at the most competitive prices. We offer FREE pickup and delivery as part of our mobile service. Please give us a call at (208) 524-1111 or mobile (208) 313-1047.

What you might not know about your auto glass.
The glass in your auto is a safety feature. Many people only look for the lowest price when shopping for glass. An improperly installed piece of glass cannot protect you in an accident. The auto glass in your car provides 50%-70% of the structural integrity in a rollover. In a front impact, the windshield assists in the deployment of the airbags and keeps the passenger from being ejected. Proper installation is critical.

Factors affecting window installation:
1. Quality of glass
Windshield glass is a piece of vinyl sandwiched between two pieces of specially strengthened glass. A good windshield matches your old windshield exactly in tint and size. Cheap installations often use thinner, poorly-fitting glass. These are manufactured to a different size and thickness to avoid infringing on the copyright of the companies that make the original glass. They may not meet the safety standards required in the United States.

2. Moldings
There is a rubber seal on your windshield that wraps around all or part of it. This is usually replaced along with your windshield. It is a cosmetic feature and does not affect the performance of your windshield.

3. Urethane
This bonding material is used to secure your windshield to the body of your car. It must have time to cure before you can drive your car. It is suggested that one of your windows be left slightly open to relieve air pressure inside your car, until the curing process is final – usually 12 to 24 hours. Our technicians will advise you.

Please keep in mind that it may be worth paying a little more to get an experienced glass installer. Call Jack for pricing and scheduling.


Glass Tech Manager
Started @ Majestic: Jan. 2005